Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Major Move Arounds!

Apologies, for lack of postings recently but if you come and visit the shop you will see why!!!

We have had a major move around and reorganise and it is looking FABULOUS!!!!
I am currently taking pictures and will get these on here for you to see asap!

Most of the credit must go to our Christian!
Christian is another family member who has joined us and has been put in charge of merchandising in the store and he is amazing!
To try and describe why Christian is SO good at this job, it is because he is a lover of straight lines!!! Ever since a little boy he had to have his cars in straight lines and toys!
So, everything now has its place instore - everything is so much easier to find and we now have fully organised dedicated areas!

It truly is Gorgeous!

Well done Christian!


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